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McCarthy River Tours & Outfitters is proud to offer an array of affordable, adventurous one day trips that are suitable for folks of all age and adventure levels. We pioneered the Kennicott Glacial Lake & River Raft, the first day raft trip in McCarthy that does not require an airplane pick up, and thus we were able to offer a raft trip that all can afford. We are also excited to offer Stand-Up Paddle Board Tours of the Glacial Lakes at the terminus of the Kennicott Glacier. These lakes have formed in just the last 20 years and are in constant change as we paddle around icebergs, explore hidden ice amphitheaters and watch for wildlife roaming the open meadows of the banks.

We also offer the first & only historical tour of McCarthy. Our McCarthy Then & Now Tour will take you on a tour through time to when McCarthy was a bustling hub of about 1,000 people! Prospectors clambering for a chance to stake their own claim, entrepreneurs capitalizing on the opportunity to make their own money in the Restaurant, Hotel, and Supply trades all added their own stories to the town. Our tour also will give you insight in to the lives of modern McCarthy residents who, unlike their counterparts 100 years ago, live in a town that is “off the grid” where they generate their own electricity, chop wood for winter warmth and bring needed supplies in from elsewhere. A reality that cannot be captured in a television show!

We love the town we live in and it shows on our trips. We are excited to immerse you in the natural beauty and human history of our little slice of paradise. All of our day tours are designed to instill you with a sense of place and understanding of the Kennicott Valley. Our fun, knowledgeable guides are excited to take you on a journey through our valley that you won’t soon forget. Many a visitor has left with great memories of their time in McCarthy, often times siting their time with us as the highlight of their trip!

Trips Launch Daily May 26th to September 3rd 2018
Trips Launch Daily May 26th to September 3rd 2018
Daily from May 20th to September 10th
Custom Trips Daily from June 6th to Septmeber 10th