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Nik Merlino
Founder & Guide

Nik first came to the Kennicott Valley as a child with his Father.  With over 20 years rafting experience and 30 years experience in the Kennicott Valley, he is never short of a story to tell.

Gina Merlino
Operations Manager

Gina is the brains behind our operation!  She helps mostly behind the scenes and is our logistics (multi-day food planning, travel help, hotel stay) extraordinaire.

Evie Merlino
Chief Unicorn Spotter & Quality Control

Evie started her raft career at an early age.  Adept at the skill of spotting Unicorns and their Icy abodes, she supplies a special skill set not yet mastered by other guides.  Other skills that Evie possess’ include firewood gathering and resident food taste tester and approver.

McCarthy River Tours Guide Sam Cox
Sam Cox
Lead Multi-Day Guide

Sam learned to raft on the crowded rivers of Colorado, now he spends his time avoiding the congestion on the rivers of Wrangell St. Elias National Park.  Sam is our lead Multi Day Guide and River Manager, in his spare time he volunteers for local Search & Rescue and leads Snow Machine tours in the Winter.  Sam knows how to pick a camp, can grill a mean Cajun chicken and has the finest pancake cooking skills in McCarthy.

Alaska Stand Up Paddle Board Iceberg
Elvie Underwood
Office Guru

Elvie grew up in Kenny Lake, just 90 miles from McCarthy and packs a wealth of local knowledge!  She is our office guru, if you call or come in during the summer, Elvie will most likely be the one to greet you.  She is learning the rafting trade and often guides Glacier Hikes and Stand Up Paddle Board Tours.  If your lucky enough to get her as a guide, get ready for a treasure trove of local knowledge!

Kevin “Albo” Albinson
Lead Guide Emeritus

Kevin has spent a lot of years rowing the rivers of Wrangell St Elias National Park with us.  While responsibilities now keep him away for parts of the summer, Kevin still loves to spend time on the river.  He also helps coordinate all the fun behind the scenes projects that make your trip with us unique and authentically Alaskan.   With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you could say he “knows a thing or two about a thing or two.”  Kevin grew up in Minnesota and has paddled all sorts of watercraft throughout the United States.

Amanda Sweeting Rafting
Amanda Sweeting

Amanda is originally from the big cities of California but for the past three years she has found her home in the small towns and rivers of Alaska. She first trained on the rapids of the American River, and in the off season kayaks around the Arctic Ocean which she now calls home. While she has many certifications, her warm and welcoming personality is what makes her a good guide. She also has a pretty sweet dirtbike.

Johnny Aguirre Rafting
Johnny Aguirre

Johnny came here from California to visit a cousin in McCarthy, picked up the guide stick and never put it down!  Johnny loves paddle guiding day trips, rowing in the back-country and is our resident tinkerer around camp.  Some of his camp specialties are making sure everyone has the perfect amount of GORP and his secret family BBQ Mac n’ Cheese recipe.