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Ever wondered what it is like to lay in a tent on Alaska wilderness adventures and listen to the river flow past all night? To lose yourself in awe by the sheer beauty that surrounds you? Or to sit silently from the safety of a boat and watch as Bears and Moose make their way on the river bank? Our overnight and multi-day raft trips submerse you into the untouched Alaskan wilderness and some of the most untamed land in North America.

Immerse yourself in the wild of
McCarthy, Alaska!

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Our Alaska wilderness adventures are designed for adventurers of all skills and ages.

To help in your decision making process, we divide our trips up in to three adventure levels

A. Great for all skill levels and ages (8+)

A+.   For those looking to journey a little further in to the Alaska Bush. (Ages 10+)

A++. These trips take you deep in to the Alaskan Backcountry, Rivers where we may be only ones who raft it this season.


Your safety is our highest priority, all of our guides are trained in whitewater emergency rescue and wilderness first response, we are the first company in Wrangell St Elias National Park to outfit all of our guests with Drysuits, the most effective protective wear for the elements that we encounter in Alaska, they can make all the difference on our Glacial fed water.

All of our Multi-Day Alaska Wilderness Adventures come packed with loads of fresh and hearty foods, many sourced within Alaska. Fresh grill nights, Dutch Oven masterpieces, snacks and fruits & veggies, even Pizza(!), our meals can be tailored to any diet and highlight many of the finest foods Alaska has to offer. Many of our guests say the culinary menu is one of the best “surprises” of their trip, if we only knew how to capture the smells and ambiance of a riverside meal!

Group Trips Launch June 6 (7 Days), July 15 (6 Days), August 13 (7 Days). Custom Dates also Available.
Group Trips Launch July 8th & August 5th. Choose between 4 & 6 Days Either Trip, Custom Dates Also Available
Group Trips Launch June 28th (6 Day) & July 30th (8 Day). Custom Dates Also Available
3 Day trips launch Daily Through Summer Season, 4 Day Trips Launch Every Tuesday and Friday All Summer.
Group Trips Launch June 18th, July 24th & August 20. All Trips can be 4 or 6 days, Custom Dates also Available
Trips offered daily day through the summer season