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Alaska Trip Planning

Choosing an Alaska Guide Service/Raft Outfitter The importance of picking a reputable and experienced Alaska Raft Outfitter cannot be overstated. A reputable provider will have years of experience in the field and have built up a positive reputation for providing outstanding services to its guests. Experience is important because it not only ensures that your trip will be enjoyable but also that they will follow all safety guidelines and standards of operations, reducing any potential risks associated with Alaska adventure. Experienced outfitters

McCarthy, Alaska is Calling You New Facilities, Private Tours, Even Smaller Groups & Expanded Vacation Options - 2021 - Pivots, optimism, and fantastic upgrades in Alaska travel adventures! We are optimistic for a strong rebound in Alaska travel.  As America's largest wilderness, Alaska is PERFECT for outstanding, socially distanced back country travel.  With the rollout of the vaccine continuing through 2021, we are hopeful that we can all more safely enjoy these special Alaska trips that fill the soul.  We have strong protocols

McCarthy River Tours & Outfitters Alaska Raft Adventure Packing List Packing for an extended stay in Alaska'a back-country on an Alaska Raft Adventure can be daunting.  You need to pack for temperatures ranging anywhere from 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (5-25+ Celsius) and between rainy, windy, buggy and/or beautifully sunny weather.  We have assembled the following  list of suggested packing materials from our experiences travelling in the Alaska back-country.  We understand everyone has different needs for temperatures and encourage you to bring warm, comfortable clothes to